As many of you know, and are essentially the same site. What you see below is now the USG-online site. Within the next few months this site ( will become something entirely new. is now the entrance to all our underwear and swimwear related projects. Please use to access the USG fetish community, the galleries, the blogs and the all our other underwear fetish sites and donít forget to change your bookmarks.
USG simply stands for Underwear Swimwwear Guide. What started off as one single site devoted to finding, documenting and reviewing all the new places on the Internet you could shop for mens underwear and swimwear, quickly expanded to not only include a community for like minded guy who had a passion for underwear but also a family of websites all devoted to the passion and fetish of underwear, jockstraps, underwear photography and of course the retail of underwear and jockstraps. Think of USG-online as a portal for everything underwear with it's heart being the community forums and galleries where you hang out with like minded guys.

Mens underwear has come a long way from the days when the only thing available for men were saggy old briefs and loose fitting boxers. Choices now included stylish briefs, trunks, g-strings, thongs and everything in between. Jockstraps, once a functional sports item are now worn as sexy day to day underwear. Mens swimwear, despite the horrible trend of guys wearing unflattering baggy board shorts we have a multitude of stunning choices from the low rise Aussie style bathers to couture designer trunks. Just remember, celebrate the choices we now have BUT most importantly, show it off!

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underwear and swimwear community and galleries
A community and social networking site including message boards, personal albums and galleries and member created social groups for guys into mens underwear and swimwear. Come join in the discussions and share photos of yourself in your underwear. A huge community and it's entirely free and friendly.

online underwear stores
There's hundreds of places to buy underwear and swimwear online so not only to we try to maintain as comprehensive a list of places to shop online but we review them too. Coming soon we will be also posting viewer submitted reviews in order to help you shop with confidence.

Underwear Blog
This is our very visual G-rated but totally sexy mens underwear blog that tracks the Internet for underwear and swimwear related photography, photographers, videos, websites, designers and news. It may be mostly G-rated but it's definitely 100% erotically charged.

Underwear Fetish Blog
This is our naughty sister blog to Underwhere? Blog above. While still totally visual, Underwho? Blog isn't afraid to show what lies beneath the underwear. Many of the posts contain underwear sighting on gay adult websites or highlights some of the more erotic styles of underwear that we can't post on Underwhere? Blog above.

Jockstrap Fetish Blog
Our very own jockstrap blog devoted to jockstraps and the guys who wear them. From jockstrap photos submitted by our readers to professional photography featuring jocks and jockstrap art to jockstrap sightings on porn sites. This is also THE place to keep up on all Jockstrap Central news - from their latest models to sales, premonition and contest.

Jockstrap Photo Community
Our lastest free to use community website for sharing your jockstrap photos. Whether it's sports jocks, fashion jockstraps or erotic fetish jocks, we want to see it. Feel free to browse all the photos, just be sure to comment on your favorites to encourage more photos being posted.

Other Underwear Websites
In case USG isn't enough, we have compiled a huge list of other underwear and swimwear related websites you may want to consider visiting. Don't forget, if you have a website, let us know!

Underwear Sighting on Gay Porn Sites
Very few gay porn sites do a very good job of representing underwear, there are some exceptions. Here we review some of the better porn sites letting you know how much underwear you can expect to find.

stunning cockrings and jewelry for men
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sexy mens underwear and swimwear store
designer underwear and swimwear
extreme underwear and swimwear
"Wearing underwear is as formal as I ever hope I get." Ernest Hemingway

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