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Turnip Style   added 2011-01-29

Although this blog is so much more than just an underwear blog the owner is a huge underwear fanatic and a good portion of it covers the men's underwear scene - from industry news, sales and of course lots of hot guys in underwear. If you do happen to tire of all the underwear content you'll find personal thoughts and commentary on world news. Turnip Style definitely deserves a first level bookmark.

Blog: Thong Studs   added 2009-10-23

Thong Studs is a hot blog about guys in thongs. The owners mission is to each day, post either a new picture himself or contributors in hot gear, or hot photos of guys in thongs that he finds in his travels.

Used and Worn   added 2009-02-23

A comprehensive website for used and worn gear including underwear. While I haven't seen inside, it's free to become a member which is filled with galleries, forums, and of course a shop to get used gears customized the way you like.

Underwear News Briefs   added 2008-11-05

Underwear, where to find it, whats hot, whats new and whats fun. This includes, underwear, swimwear, gym wear and anything else related. This blog is shaping up to be one of those blogs you'll want to check out daily.

Blog: UndiesFan   added 2008-05-31

Fantastic new underwear and swimwear blog that reviews styles and lets you know about any deals, discounts, sales and other industry insider info. Also, each month these guys are giving away a pair of underwear - it's free, you just have to email them to let you know you want to enter.

Gay Underwear Sex Fetish   added 2008-04-28

a new blog style underwear site that focuses mostly on the fetish side of underwear. it not only looks great but the owner has a wonderful writing style. definitely a place to bookmark as i guarantee he'll be sharing a lot of links that'll get you going and get you off. i know he did it for me!

Underguyz   added 2007-10-27

Wonderful established underwear fetish site that includes visitor submitted galleries, underwear camming, links, contests and a message board for guys to hook up.

Blog: Jockstrapping   added 2006-11-16

New blog all about Jockstraps, Athletic supporters and the guys who wear them. This sexy blog posts about guys seen in jockstraps, industry news and anything else that could be remotely jockstrap related. Brought to you by the guys from

Blog: Pants Down   added 2006-06-15

A new blog that so far seems to be focused on youtube videos. The mission statement on this fun site is: "This is a blog that includes everything and anything underwear related. If you happen to be caught with your "PANTS DOWN" you may just wind up here!" I'll be bookmarking this one and checking it out often!

Jockstrap Guys   added 2006-03-16

Free galleries of hot guys stripping down to their jockstraps. Simple site but the photos are hot. 100 + photos with the guys in Bike and ProSport jockstraps

UnderwearStuds   added 2006-03-16

This is one of the few sites out there that really cater to the underwear fetish community. They have tons of videos you can either purchase or alternatively you can become a member to see photos and videos online. I highly recommend these guys!

Butt Bagg   added 2006-03-07

This site is all about some of the hottest butt-in-bag shots you can find on the web. Emphasis is on the ass and package and how good they can look in underwear. The owners self pics are worth the visit alone, as he certainly fills up the "butt bag" from both front and back. Visitor galleries are in the works as well, so bookmark it and head back often.

Blog: Completely Naked   added 2006-02-22

While not strictly an underwear or swimwear site you'll find lots of it on this wonderful blog. As Jared, the owner states: "This blog is primarily about my sexual encounters and exploration of fetishes, although you will be able to pick up on some of my real life if you read closely." and one of those fetishes is fairly obviously undergear. Bookmark it!

Blog: UnderwearBlog   added 2005-11-28

This is one of the best looking underwear blogs out there. Tracking what's cool and hot in the underwear scene and also the author's musings about everything underwear. Well written and informative and definitely worth a bookmark.

Blog: Underwear Talk   added 2005-09-26

there's not too many underwear blogs out there, and even fewer that are geared to discussin underwear. that's why underwear talk is a refreshing find. visit either to read the authors insightful comments and to comment on them. there's also a syndication page that tracks the other blogs out there. very nice!

All Male Underwear   added 2005-04-15

If you like your men in boxers, briefs, speedos, or jockstraps, it's all uncovered here. Lots of explicit pics too. Lot's of galleries all organized in categories. Online since 1996!!!

Yahoo Group : Guys Into Briefs From Mass   added 2005-03-30

This is a group about guys who like to see ,meet, and play in underwear of all types! Speedos, lycra, and spandex a plus! Guys who have cams can meet others with the same! It's geared toward guys from Massachusetts but I believe all are welcome.

Yahoo Group: Jockstrap Central   added 2005-03-06

A relatatively new group that's hot hot hot! (ok, i'm a little biased, as it's run by my partner) Regardless, it's got lots of photos of jockstraps, and when it get going, i'm sure there will be lots of great selfpics being posted.

Bulge Report   added 2005-02-22

an amazing magazine style site that tracks down all the bulge sightings in the news and on the net. celebrities, athletes and even the president are not safe from the prying eyes of this lot. most of the site is free but there's also an extensive member protected message board and x-rated section that's really worth checking out. it's cheap so it won't break the bank.

Chris Geary   added 2005-02-22

This site advertises "The web’s largest free gay site" and I'm pretty sure that's no lie. For all of us underwear/swimwear buffs it's heaven on the net featuring hot guys in both solo and action shots, wrestling pics, party and event photos and so much more. One of the best destinations on the web. The owner Chris Geary is a jack of all trades and he's just a comfortable behind the camera or in front of the camera (and often in underwear and swimwear!)

Parasite   added 2005-02-22

great fetish site for hot guy with a thing for for lycra, shorts and nylon track gear. tons of personal pics and loads of submitted pics and videos from visitors to his site.

Thong Wearers Message Board   added 2005-02-22

a busy message board for male and female thong wearing enthusiasts. large very active and friendly community.

Underwear4Men   added 2005-02-22

an in-depth site for underwear enthusiasts, including professional pics, amateur pics, personals and message board. A complete site for those with an underwear fetish. been around for quite a while. mostly free with a members protected area.

USG-online   added 2005-02-22

sister site to this site. although it started out as an extensive list of all the places you can buy underwear and swimwear on the internet, it's grown to become a huge resource and also community for fans and fetishists of underwear and swimwear alike. the family of sites now includes a directory or underwear shops, a blog, user galleries, exhibitionist galleires, professional underwear fetish photosets and more.

Yahoo Group : Men For All Seasons   added 2005-02-22

while not a group for underwear specifically, the focus is heavily on underwear and crotches and of course hot men. a very active group with absolutely no spam and open membership.