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2(x)ist Underwear

(1991 to present)


2(x)ist (USA)


2(x)ist (pronounced "to exist" was founded in 1991 by Gregory Sovell, who left in 2005. Today, the creative director for 2(x)ist is Jason Scarlatti with headquarters in midtown Manhattan in New York City.


Basic and Fashion Underwear, Briefs, Boxer Briefs, Trunks, Long Johns

From the 2(x)ist website: Known for cutting-edge fashion, contoured shapes, and superior comfort, 2(X)IST creates designs to fit men's lives. According to them, 2(X)IST developed the Original Contour Pouch. Designed to support the confident man on the move, the Original Contour Pouch revolutionized men's underwear and made a basic, an essential.

Founded in 1991, 2(X)IST has grown to become an iconic men's lifestyle brand with a style and fit for every occasion.

2(X)IST leads the evolution of fabrics, materials


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2(x)ist Brief
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2(x)ist Boxer Brief
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2(x)ist Brief
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