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Hanes Underwear

(1901 to present)


Hanesbrands (USA)


Hanes was founded in 1900 by John Wesley Hanes at Winston, North Carolina under the name Shamrock Knitting Mills who died in 1903. His brother, Pleasant H. Hanes founded the P.H. Hanes Knitting Company in 1901. In 1979 Sara Lee Corporation completed a hostile takeover of Hanes Corporation. In 2006 Sara Lee Corporation spun off all it's branded clothing America and Asia businesses to one brand called Hanesbrand.


Basic Men's Underwear

Known for their original classic white fly-front briefs available in department stores all over North America. These days, they produce a wide variety of mostly conservative solid and some patterned briefs, boxer briefs, and loose boxers. To the purest, classic white Hanes briefs (also known as tighty whities) are the ultimate in masculine underwear


Black Hanes Brief
#310: Black Hanes Brief
12-11-18 3:09 pm
Hanes regular briefs
#283: Hanes regular briefs
11-22-18 11:59 am
Hanes Brief
#282: Hanes Brief
11-21-18 1:08 pm
Hanes Thong
#261: Hanes Thong
11-05-18 6:18 pm
Hanes Thong
#260: Hanes Thong
11-05-18 6:18 pm
Hanes Thong
#259: Hanes Thong
11-05-18 6:18 pm
Hanes Thong
#258: Hanes Thong
11-05-18 6:17 pm
Hanes Thong
#254: Hanes Thong
11-05-18 2:02 pm
White cotton Hanes Boxer Briefs
#154: White cotton Hanes Boxer Briefs
07-18-18 10:21 am