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Jockey Underwear

(1876 to present)


Jockey International (USA)


Jockey was originally named Coopers Inc., and was found by Samuel T. Cooper in St. Joseph, Michigan[6] in 1876 as a hosiery business. Cooper began the business when he learned that lumberjacks were suffering from poorly constructed wool socks. In 1900, Cooper began making undergarments. Although business was good enough to merit expansion in 1902, by 1934 Coopers Inc. was nearly bankrupt due to hardships caused by the Great Depression. The company recruited Harry H. Wolf, Sr., to restructure the company.

On January 19, 1935, during a blizzard, Coopers Inc. sold the world's first briefs at the Marshall Field's State Street store in downtown Chicago. Designed by an apparel engineer named Arthur Kneibler, briefs dispensed with leg sections and had a Y-shaped overlapping fly. The company dubbed the design the Jockey, since it offered a degree of support that had previously only been available from the jockstrap. Jockey briefs proved so popular that over 30,000 pairs were sold within three months of their introduction. Coopers then renamed the company to Jockey


Basic Mens Underwear

Jockey is known for their no-nonsense classic white fly-front briefs but they now produce many other styles including lots of fashion trunks and boxers.


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Jockey Life String Bikini Briefs
#1148: Jockey Life String Bikini Briefs
07-30-20 1:53 am
Jockey Brief
#1143: Jockey Brief
07-29-20 8:34 pm
Jockey Y-Front Briefs
#1142: Jockey Y-Front Briefs
07-29-20 8:34 pm
Jockey Boxer Brief
#1141: Jockey Boxer Brief
07-29-20 8:27 pm
Jockey Underwear
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Jockey Y-Front Briefs
#1131: Jockey Y-Front Briefs
07-21-20 11:27 pm
#1070: Jockey
04-13-20 10:31 pm
Jockey (vinatage briefs)
#878: Jockey (vinatage briefs)
11-21-19 11:30 pm
Jockey (vintage style)
#877: Jockey (vintage style)
11-21-19 11:29 pm
Jockey Boxer Brief
#811: Jockey Boxer Brief
09-09-19 5:40 pm
Jockey Y-fronts
#679: Jockey Y-fronts
06-19-19 12:49 pm
Jockey y fronts
#664: Jockey y fronts
06-15-19 11:24 am
Jockey 4XL (Classic Y-front)
#632: Jockey 4XL (Classic Y-front)
05-27-19 2:16 pm
Jockey standard issue brief
#576: Jockey standard issue brief
05-05-19 1:59 pm
Jockey Brief
#504: Jockey Brief
03-23-19 9:44 am
Jockey Long Johns
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Jockey Brief
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gray Jockey Life Innergear boxer briefs
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#340: Jockey
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Jockey Brief
#324: Jockey Brief
01-02-19 1:49 pm
Jockey Nylon Bikini Brief
#315: Jockey Nylon Bikini Brief
12-17-18 3:01 am
Jockey Y-front Brief
#60: Jockey Y-front Brief
05-18-18 12:42 pm