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Activeman Jockstraps and Underwear

(2007 to 2016)


Martin Inc. (USA) (USA)


(Also See Flarico.)

The Activeman brand was manufactured by Martin Inc. who had been making the Flarico brand of athletic supporters since the late 1800s. Activeman was created in 2007 by Kevin Flaherty (great grandson to the original Flarico owner) to bring the Flarico brand into the 21st century.

Unfortunately, Activeman/Flarico/Bub closed up shop in 2016


Sports Jockstraps, Fashion Jockstraps and Fashion Underwear

Activeman was originally created to modernize the Flarico athletic supporter and to give it more marketability. Bringing a new sense of style to the sports jockstrap world with a variety of bold colors. The idea was such a huge success that new jockstrap styles were developed, not only from mis-matching colors between the pouch, straps and waistbands, but eventually into styles like the sexy lace-up jockstraps or jockstraps with extreme contoured pouches (for the more endowed guy)

Eventually, Activeman developed a line of underwear which included a Modal trunk and a cotton sports brief.


Activeman Trunk
#1157: Activeman Trunk
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Activeman 3 Inch Jockstrap Black
#9: Activeman 3 Inch Jockstrap Black
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